Seun Kuti Decries Nigerian Media’s Oversight of His Achievements, Crediting Burna Boy Instead

By Milcah Tanimu

Seun Kuti, the Grammy-nominated Afrobeats artist, has expressed frustration over the Nigerian media’s failure to acknowledge his accomplishments in the music industry. In a recent statement, Kuti highlighted instances where his achievements were overshadowed or wrongly credited to others.

One notable example Kuti mentioned was Burna Boy being incorrectly hailed as the first Nigerian artist to perform at Coachella in 2020, despite Kuti himself having performed at the festival back in 2012. He also pointed out that his brother, Femi Kuti, had received multiple Grammy nominations before Burna Boy’s recognition for Best World Music Album.

Moreover, Kuti lamented the overlooking of his own achievements, such as his Grammy-nominated album “Black Times,” which did not receive due recognition from African award organizers. He also noted that despite his recent Grammy nomination for his work on Janelle Monae’s “Age of Pleasure,” his name was omitted among Nigerian artists nominated for the 66th Grammys.

Expressing his disappointment, Kuti criticized the Nigerian media for consistently downplaying his achievements, stating, “They’ve nominated me, I was also nominated in the last edition. It was only my name that they [Nigerian media] didn’t mention among the Nigerian artists who were nominated for the 66th Grammys. That’s what they do every time as if I’m from Togo.”

Kuti’s remarks underscore a broader concern about recognition and acknowledgment within Nigeria’s music industry, highlighting the need for accurate representation and acknowledgment of artists’ contributions and achievements.


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