By Inuwa Bwala

Given the precarious security situation in most parts of Nigeria today, some people may consider it uncharitable to discuss political issues, especially the politics of 2023.

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima, speaks to the Associated Press during an interview at the Government house in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Wednesday, Sept, 28. 2011. Security forces arrested a top commander of a radical Muslim sect who ordered killings in the northeastern city where the group’s mosque once stood, bringing a new calm to the restive region, a governor said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

Security therefore have tended to dominate national discourse. But even if we shy away from discussing it, the reality shall still stare us in the face, to the effect that, the peace we lack is as a result of lack of justice from our political leaders.
If that is the case, we should put political discourse in the front burner, so as to make Nigerians circumspect in choosing who should be our leaders in the next dispensation and those who should constitute the team.
While musing over this, what readily come to my mind is the choice of the next President of Nigeria.
I have heard debates on who should be and where should the next President come from. And much as I concede to the argument, that our laws do not recognize zoning or power rotation as a formula for power sharing, I am not oblivious of the fact that, in our quest for peace and justice, we must accommodate certain extra constitutional considerations in power sharing: if only so that there will be peace and justice.
The acceptable narrative in political discourse is that which concedes the next Presidency to the southern part of the country. Just minded Nigerians argue that, unless this is done, we might end up multiplying our national malady.
If my guess is right therefore, the leadership of Nigerian major political parties have resolved to give their Presidential tickets to the southern part of the country.
To disregard the call for the next President coming from the southern part of Nigeria, is to jettison the already established precedence in the leadership cycle of the country.
Irrespective of whether, the issue of zoning or rotation is contained in the constitution of political parties or that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the spirit of fair play, justice and equity presupposes that the North should allow the South, to come in when President Muhammadu Buhari serves out his tenure in 2023.
What one cannot guess for now is who it is going to be. There is already a coterie of aspirants being touted as the likely dark horses. But while people discuss the possible Presidential hopefuls, nobody seems to be talking about the possible next Vice President. We cannot disregard the office of the Vice President and the likely occupant.
The north parades capable hands, who could be the Vice President. But if quality is what to look out for in sifting the possible choices, one man who readily comes to mind is former Borno State Governor, now Senator of the Federal Republic, Kashim Shettima.
Not quite long ago, I was amongst those who muted the idea of making Shettima the national Chairman of his party, the APC. And people may wonder why I have been arguing in favor of Shettima to be tested with higher responsibilities.
After my last piece, Kashim Shettima told me he is contented as a Senator and he has no further ambition, but I insist that, failing to test him with higher responsibilities could be a great disservice to the country, as his potentials, his tact and intellect are apt for usage in resolving some of our national problems.
As a contemporary, I make haste to say that, in the annals of leadership amongst the younger generation in Nigeria, Shettima epitomizes our dream personality. And having worked with him in the same cabinet and under him as a commissioner, I am in good stands to recommend Kashim Shettima, as a vice Presidential material.
Perhaps, the choice of Kashim Shettima from amongst other commissioners, just like the choice of his predecessor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, had a divine lining, in exposing the leadership qualities in them.
When I heard of a recent the resolution on Kashim Shettima by the Arewa groups in Kano, urging him answer their call and seek to become the next Vice President, I felt excited, as it confirmed my firm belief that, Kashim Shettima has more to offer to Nigeria.
I became more convinced and decided to pen down my feeling about Shettima, even at the risk of inviting his wrath for the unsolicited expose, with the encomiums that poured in during his 55th birthday.
I always argue that, a man who has the vision to prop up Professor Babagana Umara Zulum as Governor of Borno State, must be imbued with great vision for leadership in Nigeria.
The man who set the tone for the rapid infrastructural transformation of Maiduguri amidst challenges of security, can be relied upon as a leader. The man who even his critics and political adversaries respect for his uncommon intellectual acumen, could make a good Vice President.
Shettima stands shoulders high above those who bandy their candidature today, even without any antecedents. I think Nigerians should give him a trial: if not as the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, then as the next Vice President of Nigeria. May we pull off the wool from our eyes to see the need for it.

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