“Tinubu aims for 30-day tax reform; UI student joins panel.”

President Bola Tinubu has outlined a 30-day goal for tax reform and is determined to decrease the nation’s dependence on borrowed funds. During the inauguration of the Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms in Abuja, led by Taiwo Oyedele, Tinubu shared his vision. Notably, a University of Ibadan student, Orire Agbaje, was included in the committee. The President’s ambition is to attain an 18% tax-to-GDP ratio within three years. He emphasized the importance of revenue for governmental service delivery. The committee’s one-year directive encompasses fiscal governance, tax reforms, and growth promotion, with Tinubu insisting on full cooperation from all government sectors. He expressed his commitment to enhancing Nigerians’ lives, noting challenges in the country’s tax system. Oyedele, the Committee’s Chairman, emphasized the need to modernize outdated laws, while the President’s Adviser on Revenue commended Tinubu’s prior achievements in revenue transformation.


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