Two Months After Production, Kano Based Company Exports Tiles Abroad


For the first time in many decades, the first ceramics company that is into tiles production in the core of Northern Nigeria has begun operation in Kano state.

The company is located at Dakatsalle, a town 55 kilometres along the Kank-Zaria expressway in the Bebeji Local Government area of Kano state.

According to the company’s Marketing Manager, Peter Chen, NB Ceramics has so far recruited over a thousand direct jobs, mostly from the local and neighbouring communities, and several other indirect jobs.

He explained that with the company’s commitment and resources on the ground, it was determined to become one of the major suppliers of wall and floor tiles in the entire Northern Nigeria, and even beyond.

Peter Chen, also said within the two months since they started production in full capacity, their products are already on their way to many parts of Nigeria, and even to neighbouring Niger Republic, Cameroon, Chad and even the Central African Republic.

As part of its corporate social responsibility to its host community, Chen also said the company has already embarked on some projects in the area, including roads and water projects.

“We have already drilled two boreholes, built Jumuat mosque for them and a road for them, and several other projects are also on their way,” the Marketing Manager added.

He also said, “Since the early 1980s, there was no strong tiles production company in northern Nigeria, until our company came on board. We started operation in November 2022.

“The company presently has over 100 dealers and suppliers to different parts of the country, especially in the north.

The Village Head of the host community has described the presence of the company as a great asset Speaking to journalists, the Village Head of Wak, in Dakatsalle, Yusha’u Ibrahim, said NB Ceramics’ presence is a great development, not only in their immediate community but to the entire state as well as the country.

He said so far, a substantial number of the company staff are from his area, thereby creating job opportunities.

“We see it as a great blessing. Apart from job creation for our people, it has also brought some development projects to us.

“Even before they start production, we had an agreement that they will donate some projects to us, and thank God, they have been able to keep to their words.

“Even before they start operation, they have already drilled boreholes for us which now addressed our water challenge.

“We also have a very cordial relationship with them. Up till now, we do not have any problem with them,” the Village Head added.

We are the major beneficiaries – Villagers

Isyaku Aliyu Wak, a resident of the area, said initially they were sceptical of the company’s presence because it bought their farmlands, but they now see it as a great blessing.

“Apart from compensating us for our farmlands, now, a good number of our people have gotten jobs here. They don’t have to travel to other places in search of it.

“Personally, I would want to work here too, one day,” he prayed.

On his part, Aliyu Muhammad, a tea vendor beside the company, said he has now developed his business into a full shop owner.

“Courtesy of this company, I now make a lot of sales, and I hope to grow my business even bigger by the time the company’s production increases beyond this.

“This shop I occupy, with all its structure, was given to me by the company free of charge,” Muhammad said.

We are treated with respect, dignity – Staff

Contrary to what obtains in other places, the staff of NB Ceramics say they enjoy a good working relationship with the company.

Murtala Muhammad Isyaku, a staff who works as a driver in the company right from its construction process, said they enjoy working there.

“I have worked for about 18 months here, that is, right from the construction of the company.

“We are grateful to God, the company takes very good care of us to the best of their ability. Our salary is attractive and we also have a good place to sleep,” he said.

On his part, Isah Yusha’u Isah, a staff with the Production department of the company, who has also been working there right from its construction, said he has gathered a lot of experience there.

“We are also in charge of the offloading of finished products in this department. Most of us here didn’t have jobs before the coming of NB Ceramics, now we are all employed,” Isah added.

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