Warning to Pilgrims: Kebbi Urges Caution Against Selling Uniforms in Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Aminu Hassan, the Director of Da’awah at the Kebbi Pilgrims Welfare Board, has issued a stern warning to pilgrims against selling their uniforms to illegal aliens in Saudi Arabia. Addressing the pilgrims after the Subhi (dawn) prayer in Makkah on Thursday, he emphasized the gravity of such an offense and the severe penalties it would incur.

Hassan stressed that selling the pilgrims’ uniforms would not only constitute a serious offense but could also lead to atrocities being committed using the uniforms, ultimately reflecting negatively on Nigeria and Kebbi State. He urged pilgrims to safeguard their uniforms, considering them symbols of their country and state, and to avoid any actions that could bring embarrassment.

The cleric urged pilgrims to represent Kebbi and Nigeria with dignity and respect for authority. He emphasized the importance of patience, tolerance, and unity among pilgrims for a successful Hajj experience, encouraging them to support each other throughout the journey.

Another cleric, Malam Lukman Hamidu-Yauri, echoed the importance of prayer, especially for Nigeria’s peace and security amidst ongoing challenges. He urged pilgrims to pray for Governor Nasir Idris and acknowledged the efforts made to ensure the welfare of pilgrims from Kebbi State.

Hamidu-Yauri also advised pilgrims to be cautious with their finances and vigilant in handling their basic transport allowance to avoid falling victim to fraudsters. The messages underscored the need for vigilance, unity, and prayer among pilgrims during their pilgrimage.


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