Umahi Denies Walking Out on Journalists, Cites Miscommunication

Senator David Umahi, the Minister of Works, has refuted claims of snubbing journalists during a news conference convened by his ministry in Abuja. Dismissing the allegations as untrue, Umahi clarified the circumstances surrounding the incident while speaking with reporters in Abakaliki after participating in events commemorating Governor Francis Nwifuru’s one year in office.

Umahi explained that the perceived snub stemmed from a miscommunication regarding the timing and purpose of the event. Originally scheduled for 2:00 pm on May 28, the conference was adjusted to accommodate journalists covering an inauguration ceremony. However, upon arrival at the ministry’s hall, Umahi found no presence of journalists except for his ministry’s camera.

Expressing his frustration with the situation, Umahi attributed the misunderstanding to his media aide’s handling of the event. He emphasized his intention to express gratitude to selected media houses for their coverage of President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration of projects in Lagos.

Umahi highlighted that the absence of journalists at the appointed time prompted him to reschedule the event for Monday, June 3, to preserve the element of surprise intended for the selected media houses. He clarified that reports of him shunning journalists were baseless, as he couldn’t both invite and snub them simultaneously.

Umahi affirmed his commitment to expressing appreciation to the group of media houses he deemed special to the ministry, reaffirming his dedication to fostering positive relations with the press.


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