“We’re Marginalized” — APC North-Central Backs Call for Regional Government

By Milcah Tanimu

The North Central Forum of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has advocated for the adoption of a regional system of government in Nigeria, citing alleged marginalization of their region. Speaking to journalists in Jos on Friday, the forum’s president, Saleh Mandung Zazzaga, emphasized the potential benefits of regional governance for the north-central zone.

Zazzaga argued that a governance framework allowing each region to address its own needs would greatly benefit the north-central region. He highlighted the area’s strengths in education, natural resources, political influence, and agriculture, suggesting these could be harnessed more effectively under a regional system.

“Our call for the regional government has become necessary due to the marginalisation of the north-central region,” Zazzaga stated. He underscored the region’s substantial contributions to Nigeria in agriculture, education, and political leadership, yet lamented its continued marginalization in various aspects, including political representation.

He pointed out that the north-central region, often referred to as the “food basket of the nation,” particularly due to agricultural activities in states like Benue, Plateau, Niger, and Kogi, is not fully utilized at the national level to ensure food security for the region. Furthermore, he noted the underutilization of the region’s natural resources, such as tin, which could significantly boost its economic prosperity.

Zazzaga also highlighted the political contributions of the north-central region since the democratic dispensation in 1999, including the emergence of national leaders and presidents. However, he expressed disappointment over the lack of political appointments for the region, referencing the recent APC national chairmanship position being allocated to the northwest instead of being retained in the north-central as per party arrangements.

In light of these concerns, the North Central APC Forum is calling for the adoption of a regional system of government. Zazzaga explained that such a system would divide power among regions or states, allowing each to leverage its resources and strengths for development while the federal government handles national security, foreign affairs, and interstate commerce regulation.

By adopting this political framework, Zazzaga believes that each region can develop independently without fear of marginalization, ensuring a more balanced and equitable distribution of power and resources across Nigeria.


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