Wife’s rebellious conduct may crash 7-year-old marriage

Displeased with his wife’s conduct, a middle-aged man, Ibrahim Yusuf, on Friday pleaded with an Agege Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his seven-year-old marriage.

He told the court that his wife, Bridget, was disrespectful and rebellious and that his life was constantly under threat.

Ibrahim, a make-up artist, who lives at No. 24, Ijaiye St., Papa Ashafa, Agbotikuyo, in Agege, said:“She is not submissive to me and has failed to take care of me and our two children as a wife and mother.

“My wife lacks respect; she is stubborn and not submissive. She is too full of herself.

“She does not give me peace of mind as she insults and fights our neighbours.”

Ibrahim, who approached the court seeking the dissolution of the marriage, also accused the wife of disrespecting his parents and members of his family.

“My wife provokes and insults me at any slightest opportunity that I am irresponsible.”

He said his wife’s behaviour had made him to change his mind about legalising the marriage.

He added: “She keeps late nights and abandons the children at home or keeps them at neighbour’s house without disclosing her whereabouts to anyone.

“Recently, my wife went out and left my children at a neighbour’s shop till l came back from work at about 10.30 p.m.

“No peace in this marriage; we live like cat and rat, I don’t love her anymore.”

However, the wife, an indigene of Edo, denied all the allegations leveled against her by her estranged husband.

She told the court that she became pregnant for him at the age of 23 while learning fashion design when he was nobody.

“But immediately l gave birth, my husband’s business started booming and his behaviour towards me changed.

“He became arrogant and stopped showing love towards me and the children,” Bridget said, alleging that her husband stopped her from learning fashion design and made her a full-time housewife.

In spite of the husband’s misbehaviour, Bridget still pleaded with the court not to dissolve the union for the sake of her children.

“For the sake of the children who are still young, the court should please not dissolve the marriage.”

The President of the court, Mr Phillips Williams, referred the couple to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) office for possible settlement of the crisis.

Further hearing had been adjourned until April 25. (NAN)


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