20-year-old Marriage Dissolved Over Sex

By Our Correspondent
The President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Mr. Ademola Odunade has dissolved a 20-year marriage between one Oladiran Olukayode and his wife, Oluwatoyin, over poor sexual performance and irreconcilable differences.
“The court cannot force Oluwatoyin to continue in the relationship since she knows what is best for her.
“Therefore, in the interest of peaceful coexistence, the union between Olukayode and Oluwatoyin has ceased to be henceforth.
“Custody of the two children produced by the union is granted to Olukayode,” said the arbitrator.
In his petition to the court, Olukayode, a commercial driver residing at Ayegun-Oleyo area of Ibadan, said that his wife was always complaining of his inability to withstand her sexual urge.
“My Lord, Oluwatoyin has for some time now been complaining that she was not enjoying my sexual display due to weak performance.
“She knew quite well that I was already an old man before agreeing to be my wife, but now after two children, she said I could no longer satisfy her sexual demand.
“She has been a very disobedient wife and had since moved away from my home since Sept. 2016,” explained Olukayode.
It would be recalled that Oluwatoyin was not in court for the third consecutive time to respond to the allegations leveled against her.


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