My Wife Ran Away With My Properties Including Slippers. Man tells court

By Aaron Ossai
A middle age man, Mr. Joseph Abo, on Friday told a Nyanya Customary Court in Abuja that his wife made away with all his properties, including a pair of bathroom slippers.
Abo, an electrician made the claim while responding to a divorce petition filed by his wife, Victoria.
“One morning, I had some work to do outside the house. As I left home I thought my wife also left for work too because she works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“To my greatest surprise, when I came home, I almost did not recognise my house because my wife had moved all my properties; our wedding pictures, our wedding gifts, down to my bathroom slippers,’’ he said.
He said that the most painful aspect of the development was that he hid some money at the back of the parlour chair, which was among the property his wife removed from the house.
“I made an opening in the back of the parlour chair, where I hid N87,000, I did not want anyone to see it because it is contribution money, now my wife has packed everything,’’ he said.
He, however, told the court that he was in a covenant with his wife and would not agree to the dissolution of the marriage.
However, the petitioner, who was present in court, denied the allegations, saying the things she moved out of the house were those she bought with her money.
“I am not aware of any money hidden at the back of the parlour chair, I only packed all the things I bought with my money,’’ she said.
The petitioner begged the court to dissolve the marriage, saying she has no reason to remain in the marriage since the marriage had produced no child.
“My husband has infection which affected his sperm count. I took him to the hospital for treatment but he is not willing to take his medications, hence he was unable to impregnate me.
“And he already has six children with three other women; I beg this honourable court to help me to dissolve this marriage,’’ she pleaded..
The judge, Jemilu Mega, advised the respondent to try and win back the love of his wife and possibly seek reconciliation with her before the court passed its judgement.


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