ALGON-CRISIS: STOP your campaign of calumny- IMC tells Alabi led Faction

• Engage us in a one on one interview on National TV- IMC dares Alabi, Malik

As crisis continues to besiege the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria, the Interim Management Committee has reacted and criticized an interview on AIT which featured the embattled chief of staff of the Alabi Led faction, Itiako Malik Ikpokpo and one self-acclaimed civil society practitioner identified as Donald Ayibiowu.
According to IMC, the interview which was done on AIT on the Democracy Today programme hosted by Madam Ijeoma Osamor in good faith to grant the general public an insight on what is going on in the association, was rather hijacked by Mr. Ikpokpo a self-personified tout who takes glory in bringing disrepute to the association. It also disclosed that Ikpokpo a well-known violent man was invited to feature in an interview, rather than serve the purpose of which he was invite, he resorted to reeling insults to both the journalist and the platform because he had earlier expected that things would go the way he wanted.
In a statement signed and made available to newsmen on Saturday, by the National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Jide Ashonibaire, the IMC described the accusations made by Mr. Itiako Malik Ikpokpo and Donald Ayibiowu against the IMC, Hon Abdullahi Maje and their activities as unfounded, unsubstantiated and a total campaign of calumny.
“Our Attention has been drawn again to the Out of Point answers given by the embattled CSO of the Alabi led faction and his cohort, Donald Ayibiowu during an interview on the Democracy Today programme hosted on AIT by Madam Ijeoma Osamor, we are shocked at the display of tout-like behavior by the supposed chief of staff and the false accusations especially on the office of the Governor of Niger State, His Excellency Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello and his Chief of Staff, Alhaji Ibrahim Balarabe made by the acclaimed civil society practitioner.
The Civil Society Practitioner, who according to his action and words was presumed to be sympathetic and bias on National Television revealed that he has in his possession a public disclaimer from the consented to by the governor of Niger state and issued by his chief of staff, this is the same man who was our legal counsel when the IMC was created, because of greed he was paid almost 100,000,000 million naira to betray the IMC, an action which he did to his own advantage, thereby turning in to Alabi’s camp documents belonging to the association. It amazes us that Donald Ayibiowu is claiming to being a civil society practitioner when infact he is just a stooge bought over by the faction to taint the image of the IMC through his misuse of words and misrepresentation of facts (There are documents to show that he was working for the IMC). The question now is “When was such disclaimer issued? was it real? How come it is not in the public domain and was presented on a national television on such a short notice? The above questions should be duly answered by Mr. Donald in 24 hours or await our response and court suit in that direction. A civil society practitioner should not stand to lie against a government because of few peanuts, this seems to be the case of the acclaimed civil society practitioners.
“Where is Alabi? How come a man who has hijacked power, cannot been seen to represent the office he occupies in events, important government functions, interviews and court sessions even when he is invited for over 2 years and counting? Permit me to inform the general public that this is not the first time Alabi have been invited to come face to face with the IMC in an interview both on national dailies and televisions such as Arise, AIT and others? Why is he avoiding discussions that concerns his supposed leadership? These are questions that needs immediate answers. Alabi sent his lapdog, Malik or maybe the later took the stride by himself because from his actions in the association, one can believe that he is the de-facto president, a position which he dutifully takes pride in.
“Malik and the entire Alabi faction has involved themselves in a thorough campaign of calumny, Malik has single handedly changed the constitution of the association but also that of Nigeria, the document he has laid bare on the programme dated 27th of September 2021, was a faux, the IMC is meant to believe that they have gone below the belt to forge Hon. Abdullahi Maje’s signature to indict him in a letter requesting for 3.1 billion naira be deducted from local government funds to a contractor, this is because they want to distract the unsuspecting public from the 5.2 billion naira that was diverted from the association. We dare Malik to release the ministry the letter was sent to, the person it was addressed to and a copy of the letter be tendered to the host for public view (He refused to tender the document to the host when she asked for it). Let it be known that Hon. Abdullahi Maje did not sign and send out any of such letter to any ministry requesting for deductions of such outrageous amount for any consultant.
“The IMC is by this press statement challenging Alabi, Malik and cohorts to a face to face debate on the same programme, all are thereby advised to come with their documents and facts for accuracy and transparency. The IMC have had enough of Alabi and his shenanigans, the lies told by Malik, Ayibiowu on national television is a blow below the belt and if they are so sure of the lies called facts they tendered on the programme, again, they shouldn’t relent coming live face to face, one on one with us to clarify the issues and know the side with the truth. Malik has no respect for women, it was clearly exposed by the derogatory statements, words and body language he used on the host just to cower her into giving them a smooth landing for their propaganda; we are however very happy that the host, a woman who knows her job and stand on the true ethics of the profession did not allow the actions, words of either CSO or Civil society practitioner deter her from asking appropriate questions.
“Malik claims that Alabi does not have any knowledge of the alleged diversion of 5.2 billion naira of funds from the accounts of the association, how then was he and his cronies involved in account opening and payment processes with First Bank PLC account number 2034749191 (We have a document of the account opening process), deducting monies from accounts of local governments without their knowledge or consent? If Malik claims Supreme Court has given Alabi rights, where is he getting allocations from? Or has FG started funding and crediting Alabi’s LCDA? It is a well-known fact that at the moment only 20 LGA gets allocation from the Federal Government. Notwithstanding their accusations against the IMC can never stand, as we are fully pumped by it and even more determined to push for the truth.
“Against the earlier claims of Niger State being against Hone. Maje, we wish to let the general public know that we have documents in our possession signed by all the local governments in Niger State signed in support of Maje, we also have a document duly signed by the Hon. Commissioner of Local Governments signed for Maje, we therefore challenge them again to provide the documents and public disclaimer signed by the COS Niger State against Maje, or tender an unreserved apology to Niger State Government, Hon. Abdullahi Maje and the IMC”. It added.
The IMC however stated that contrary to the accusations that it’s leadership is after money, it has never for once enforced or deduct monies from the accounts of the local governments.

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