“Businessman fatally injures wife by striking her head against wall.”

A 30-year-old woman, Rafiat Okewole, tragically lost her life in Ota, Ogun State, after a heated altercation with her husband, Wole, during which he allegedly struck her head against a wall. Despite being married, the couple had been living separately in Ijoko. The dispute began when Rafiat approached Wole for money to support their children, exacerbating their ongoing tension over his perceived neglect. Neighbors attempted to intervene and rushed her to the hospital, but she did not survive. Wole, now 41, was subsequently arrested based on a report lodged by one of Rafiat’s family members. Heartbreakingly, the incident unfolded in front of one of their children. Authorities have confirmed Wole’s detention as they further investigate the tragic event.


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