CLO decries parties’ inability to resolve crises from primaries

 The Civil Liberties Oraginsation (CLO) has decried the inability of major political parties to amicably resolve internal crises emanating from primaries in Anambra State.

The Chairman of CLO, Anambra, Mr Vincent Ezekwueme, disclosed this to our correspondent in Enugu on Thursday.

Ezekwueme said the development might lead Anambra into imminent but avoidable political logjam and long drawn legal battle and manoeuvring.

He described as very unfortunate, condemnable and despicable the current state of affairs in major political parties in the state.

“It is rather unfortunate that the three main political parties – APC, PDP and APGA – are yet to resolve crisis emanating from recently conducted primary elections, few weeks to the commencement of electioneering campaigns,” he said.

Ezekwueme noted that the political parties had failed and neglected to do the needful by calling their members to toe the part of constitutionality, civility and rule of law while aspiring for elective posts.

“Else, such aspirants should be sanctioned by their parties to restore sanity, discipline, sanctity and sacredness of ballot box.

“Such sanctions will act as a deterrent to others and restore the supremacy of the political parties over their members, but must be based on social justice, equity and egalitarianism.

“It is pertinent for the state as ‘the light of the nation’ to get Anambra 2021 right in order to consolidate our democracy and democratic governance,” he said.

Ezekwueme said democracy as government of the people, by the people and for the people must always be determined by the majority of the people.

“All efforts should be geared toward embarking on processes and actions that will enhance our democracy and abhor those that hinder it,” he said.


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