Curious Concerns over Mad Woman in Gov’s Office

By Yahaya Wakili, Maiduguri

This is even as tongues have been wagging on the curious presence of a practically mad woman at the entrance of Governor Kashim Shettima’s office, popularly referred to ya maira.
The woman is usually stationed at the entrance pouring encomiums on the Governor as he goes out or comes in, while pouring invectives on those she perceive as the governor’s enemies, for which she is always being lavished with money by the Governor or his associates who go about with him.
Our correspondent reports that, the woman who has been there for the past four years is from indications deranged or pretends to be, and was asked to be allowed to remain in that position by the governor himself, as he appears to enjoy her company.
Sources said, it seems there is more than meet the eyes in the mad woman’s presence at the inner chamber of the Government House, just as it is curious that there are times when the woman turns her anger on the Governor, but was often ignored, rather the Governor sends monetary inducements to her on days her mood was not complementary.
Insiders said the mad woman seems to posses certain secrets she may reveal if she is harassed by security operatives who man the entrances on the Governor’s orders. What that secret may be is yet to be verified.
Our correspondent tried interrogating the woman to ascertain her level of sanity, and reports that, although she exhibits signs of derangement, she seems conversant with the activities of most politicians in the state


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