Federal Government Initiates Affordable Housing Project for Low-Income Earners in Kaduna

By Milcah Tanimu

The Federal Housing Authority (FAA) has announced plans to commence the construction of affordable houses for vulnerable and low-income earners in Kaduna State and other regions of Nigeria, aiming to address the housing needs of the low and middle class.

Managing Director of the authority, Oyetunde Ojo, revealed during a visit to Governor Uba Sani that the pilot project in Kaduna seeks to enhance access to decent, quality, and affordable housing for all Nigerians. Kaduna was selected for its strategic significance and population density.

Ojo praised Governor Sani for expediting the process of land allocation, emphasizing Kaduna’s pivotal role as the gateway to the North-West and other parts of the country. He lauded the governor’s efficiency in removing bureaucratic hurdles, allowing the authority to acquire land within 24 hours, a remarkable feat.

In response, Governor Sani commended the FAA for choosing Kaduna as the site for the pilot mass housing scheme and pledged the state’s support by allocating land for the project. He reiterated the government’s commitment to providing housing for the less privileged, echoing President Bola Tinubu’s emphasis on housing as a fundamental right.

Governor Sani assured rapid allocation of land for the housing project, emphasizing the importance of shelter for all citizens. He also discussed potential partnerships to ensure successful implementation and off-take of the housing units.

The initiative underscores the Federal Government’s dedication to addressing the housing deficit and promoting socio-economic development, particularly for vulnerable segments of society.


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