Federal Government Unveils 5-Year Roadmap on Data Protection, Aiming for Over N125 Billion Revenue

By Milcah Tanimu

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has officially launched the Nigeria Data Protection Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (NDP-SRAP 2023-2027) in Abuja. The comprehensive action plan, structured around five pillars—governance, ecosystem and technology, human capital development, cooperation and collaboration, and funding and sustainability—is anticipated to generate substantial economic benefits.

Dr. Vincent Olatunji, the National Commissioner of NDPC, highlighted the importance of the NDP-SRAP in achieving a robust data protection sector. The plan is projected to create around 500,000 jobs and generate over N125 billion in revenue. Olatunji emphasized that this aligns with the administration’s agenda to create two million jobs in the digital economy sector.

The roadmap encompasses initiatives for job and wealth creation, human capital development, revenue generation, foundational efforts for the digital economy, and enhancement of Nigeria’s global reputation. Olatunji stressed that the plan would contribute to the country’s international businesses, global competitiveness in human capital, and improved security against malicious use of identity and unauthorized access to data.

Jobs in the data protection sector are expected to span various professions, with more than 69 activities embedded in the five pillars. Public institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations, and the media are all urged to play roles in ensuring the effective implementation of the action plan.

Additionally, the NDPC is considering endorsing a Data Protection and Certification body to enable certified professionals to work, a practice consistent with global standards. The certification process aims to provide home-grown solutions that compare favorably with international certifications.

The NDP-SRAP, developed over a year, is recognized in the “Renewed Hope” agenda mandates and the blueprints of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy. The plan is expected to drive increased activities and further strengthen the data protection ecosystem in the country.

At a related workshop on Data Privacy and Protection, 150 data protection officers participated, underscoring the significance and interest in advancing data protection practices in Nigeria.


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