Fuel Scarcity Bites Harder Abuja, Borno

By: Ali Musa Biu- Maiduguri
The fuel queues being experienced in Abuja have surfaced in major cities across Nigeria, including Maiduguri the Borno state capital where residents have expressed worries over its effects on general activities.
National Trail correspondent reports that long queue have surfaced in Maiduguri with fuel price hitting as high as N500 per litre in black market in the city.

Long queue and closed filling stations characterized daily livelihood bringing back memories of the past administration which the opposition latched on.

Our correspondents’ report that many citizens who woke up to this new development have resorted to oanick buying as they did not envisage a return of petroleum products queue happened in the past.

Some residents of Naiduguri who spoke to National Trail, said this development tells Nigerians that at no time, including now has any leader got the clue at ending pretroleum crises in Nigeria.

Avacga Usman, a commuter told our reporter, ” We produce this products yet we suffer under successive regimes. Only yesterday I was arguing with my friend that the story we are hearing in Lagos and Abuja about the return of the petroleum queue as experienced in the Jonathan’s administration would not come to our side”.

“I woke up this morning as if I was dreaming. The long queues which started in some parts of the metropolis last week have persisted up until Wednesday. The situation looked as if some petrol stations are hoarding fuel in anticipation of an increase in the pump price”, he noted.

Investigations reveal that, the pathetic situation has left many residents stranded specifically schools children, traders and workers as many have resorted to trekking to school or their places of work or destinations not minding the distance in the wake of the fuel scarcity.

The situation, according to residents makes a mockery of earlier references to the Jonathan as a failure.

National Trail reports that earlier this week some filling stations in Maiduguri were selling the fuel at N250 per litre, a situation which was initially decried.
As at today some are selling between N300 and N 350 while black market price has hit N500 per litre of petrol..

It may be recalled that the scarcity of fuel started since last week when the issue of adulterated or bad fuel was said to have been put into circulation by some importers, due to high quantity of methanol discovered in the fuel in circulation across the country.
Although government has ordered for the withdrawal of such fuel, there are still reports of such fuel in circulation.
Marketers argued that, that buying or lifting fuel from the depot became difficult as a result of serious monitoring, checking and delay due to long processes.

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