Gov. Abubakar will not distracted by Antics of NASS members APC stalwart

By Sule ALIYU,   Bauchi
All Progressives Congress Stalwart in Bauchi state Alhaji Armaya’u Yahaya has declared that Governor Mohammed Abubakar will not be distracted by the Antics of National Assembly Members.
Armaya’u made the declaration in Bauchi while charting with Journalists in Bauchi yesterday, he said some of the National Assembly Members from the state are campaigning against the leadership of MA Abubakar because he refuse to dance to the tune of the music
Armaya’u said Governor M. A. Abubakar would never be distracted by the antics of detractors from National Assembly but has gone far in fulfilling promises made to the people “said his allegiance was to the millions of people of Bauchi State who voted for him with the belief that God would give him the mandate to deliver.”
“there are some individuals who thought that governor Abubakar will work according to their whims and caprices, but he showed them that he did not become the governor to serve individuals but to serve the state and its people” he said
According to him, the governor stated it clearly during his campaign that he is coming into a covenant with the people of Bauchi State and that he will work for their welfare.
“So, that is why these individuals (Abuja politicians) are fighting him, because they thought he was going to dance to their tunes and do their biddings, which he refused to” Yahya said
“Of course, there are issues with some of our members at the National Assembly but M. A. Abubakar is not perturbed, he is always reaching out to them  that is Dogara  and co, so that they can work together for our people and leave any other thing for posterity to judge.”
The APC stalwart said despite paucity of funds as a result of monthly allocations from federal, he was keeping his words on prompt payment of salaries and at the same time executing capital projects in all sectors of the economy
He said the Governor is executing his policies based on what the people of the state want, not what some few individuals or the national assembly members from the state will dictate. What they failed to understand is that Governor Abubakar is a very simple person who always accepts advice.
‘If they are sincere, they should draw his attention to his mistakes and offer advice, not making inciting statements against him” Yahya said.


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