Infidelity: Jealous Lover Sets Self, Concubine Ablaze

Nigerian-PoliceThere was pandemonium and a sense of confusion at Mbagbera district in Vandeikya local government area of Benue State when a man allegedly poured motor spirit, otherwise known as fuel on his concubine whom he had accused of promiscuity, after which he also set himself ablaze to be consumed in the inferno.
An eye witness told our correspondent when he visited the area that the lady better known as ‘queen’ had loss her husband a couple of years ago, and was into relationship with two different men at the same time, one of her lovers, whose name we could not ascertained, but a long standing lover, who is said to be a regular visitor, and sometime even pass the night even at her place, got jealous that she was two timing.
According to the eye witness, the jealous long standing lover, had warned her against keeping relation with other men, but apparently his warnings fell on deaf ears, as she was said to have kept seeing the latter lover.
A woman who do not want her name in print further told our correspondent that following this development, the man became angry to the point of monitoring the queen’s movement, and also monitoring her telephone calls, and even threatened her warning that she should desist from all suspicious telephone calls, or face the dire consequences of such action.
It was gathered that one of these days, he visited her at home, and found the other lover there, he then became very furious over the development and angrily left thereby leaving the woman to keep guessing what his next line of action would be.
nationalTRAIL learnt that unknown to Queen, the jealous lover had on that fateful day, perfected his plan to deal with her, he brought fuel along with him, which he had hid around the vicinity of her home, waiting for night to fall.
Unaware of what was happening, Queen as usual, went to sleep without any iota of suspicious when her jealous lover gained entrance into her room, and then emptied fuel around the bed where she was sleeping with an intent to set her ablaze, but on striking the matches, the force of the flame did not only consumed the woman but he the man as well.
According to nationalTRAIL investigation, both lovers were burnt beyond recognition, leaving the community in a state of confusion.
When contacted the Benue State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, DSP Moses Yamu, claimed ignorance of the incident, but promised to contact the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Vandeikya for his confirmation, however at the time of filing this report he was yet to confirmed the incident.
It will be recall that on the January 17, 2016, one Terhemen Ajom of Konshisha local government area, within the same axis, allegedly murdered his girl friend, Miss Laadi Terzungwe and her lover, Shimasaan Nehemen of beside Grade 1 Area Court Vandeikya.
It was gathered that the accused person got information that his girl friend, Laadi was courting Terzungwe, and while sleeping in her house, the said Ajom came with a can full of fuel and poured on the door before setting it on fire from where both Laadi and Shimasaan were burnt beyond recognition.
The police has since arrested Terhemen Ajom and the 19 years old Miss Jennifer Ahangba for conspiracy and murder of the now late lovers


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