Insurgency: Stop Profiling Fulani Herdsmen Men or Forget Peace in Katsina, Zamfara , Sokoto

…..Govs Are Using Insecurity To Siphoned Money…. Gololo
By Lateef Taiwo

An All progressive Congress ( APC), Chieftain from the North East, former Coordinator of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’/ Shetimma , presidential Campaign, Dr. Haruna Garus Gololo, has called on the on the Governors of Katsina, Zamfara and Sokoto states to stop the profiling of Fulanis.
He made the call on Friday in Abuja , while addressing selected group of editors on the prevailing insecurity in the North East and North western region of Nigeria.
” Boko Haram is different from Bandits, it appears all the steps taken by the federal government to reign in Boko Haram has failed. How can you say you have repent then you return back to town, to attack security agents and burning their security post? As a retired military officer who have served in Sudan, Liberia, this people are like Alsabab, they can never repent. Government should stop all the programs or any attempts to rehabilitate them, it is a waste of money “
” Because if you may ask what is their grudges, why can’t they meet the Governor and discuss things? Zulum is a listening Governor, one of the best in Nigeria today or meet the military Commander. The military has enough orientation to understand their grudges and demands but they chose to attack and kill security agents. The only answer to their problem is 7.6mm, not negotiations”
Speaking on the spate of attack in the North west, Zamfara Sokoto and and Katsina state , he said that ” the situation in Zamfara, Sokoto and Katsina is different. The North west Governors have a problem. In a situation where a Fulani man cannot go to a market in a place where he was born and brought up, because of some criminal elements, because they have been tagged and profiled as criminals. Are there no Hausas among them, why are they not profile? So the problem is ethnic profiling. To them every Fulani man is a bandit, which is not true”
” It is pure ethnic cleansing, why are they not stopping the Hausa man from going to market, the Governors only formed vigilantee groups to eliminate the Fulanis , which should not be allowed ” he alleged.

According to him ” the Fulanis are feeling the impact of banditry more than the people living in the town. They are been attacked, killed , kidnapped by cattle rustlers and at the same time been profiled as criminals. Like Bello Badejo, they are supposed to ask him. Why did they form the vigilant group, it is because they are also been attacked by bandits”

He lamented that today every Fulani man is seen as criminal .
” They took them as criminals in Nigeria, even the media has continued to used criminal Herdsmen. How do you profile the whole Fulani race as Criminals ?
We may retort to the Court, to seek redress and also take any media House or journalist that tagged Fulanis as criminals”
Continued, he said it is wrong to profile the whole Fulanis while other race or tribes that engage in drug trafficking and armed robbery are not profile.
” That is why we are facing this challenge in Nigeria, ethnic profiling. Are we not entitled to freedom of speech and movement, are we not Citizens, are we not Nigerians, I was born and brought up in a place , where do you want me to go?
If what is happening in Zamfara, Sokoto and Katsina should continue it will be like Ruwanda , it is better we remain there and die than to run away”

The All progressive Congress, APC Chieftain decried the attitudes of the state Governors who he claimed are using security to siphon the state treasury, as according to him all efforts by stakeholders and mediations have been frustrated by the state Governors.

“I have written to the Governor of Katsina state, this is two months after to call the Herders together, like they did in Ibadan, Oyo’ state, but they refused.
In Oyo’ state they sat and signed an agreement. I said why don’t you call the Herders to sign agreement with them, that they will even be the ones to fetch out the criminal elements among them, but they chose to profile the whole Fulanis. Is it possible? In Faskari, Danmusa and Safana those Fulani cannot go to Market, but in Mai Adua and Daura, the situation is different, they are living in peace, why is it like that.
You just go and born their settlement, kill their Cows , then you said you want peace?”
” This after two months, but the Governor of Katsina did not respond to my letter, I even addressed the media. The best is to call the Herders but the Governors are just using this crisis to make money without executing any projects “

” They will be one year in office by May 29, I challenge them to show any projects they have commission or any empowerment program they have initiated for youth in their states “

” Is it not a shame that the same Governors went to US for security meeting, American that is supplying arms to Israeli to kill the Palestinians?”


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