Nasarawa Women’s Rally: Tears, Placards, and Appeals for Justice Resound

… We feel captives in our own state dying in silence – protestor

In a fervent display of distress, Nasarawa State on Tuesday was witness to an unusual Christmas scene as women took to the streets on Christmas Day, adorned with placards, calling for justice and the restoration of their allegedly stolen mandate in the gubernatorial election.

Expressing their grievances with poignant messages, the women, led by Hanatu John,voiced their dissatisfaction, emphasizing the somber undertones overshadowing their festive spirit.

“We have been here since March protesting what we described as injustice. Celebrating Christmas seems void when our mandate was stolen from us,” Joy lamented, urging the Supreme Court to rectify the perceived electoral injustice.

“We have faith in the esteemed judges of the Supreme Court. We believe in your sense of justice, and we implore you to restore our mandate so that we may enter the new year with a new governor,” she added, underlining the unwavering determination of the protesters.

Among the throng of women, another protestor Margaret Alu, visibly distraught, highlighted the personal sacrifices made for the cause. “We are in anguish. We’ve left our husbands and children behind because there’s nothing to celebrate. We seek justice, and until our mandate is returned, we will not relent,” she voiced in anguish.

The heartfelt plea extended beyond the court, reaching the President as the women beseeched for support, feeling captive in their own state. “We are here because there’s no joy at home. Some among us are widows, others jobless, and our lands are ravaged by Fulani herdsmen,” emphasized one of the demonstrators.

Echoing similar sentiments, Ngozi Anthony appealed to the Supreme Court judges, urging them to act with righteousness and not echo the decisions of the appeal court, emphasizing the importance of upholding justice and the will of the people.

The call for change resonated profoundly as they rallied behind Ombugadu, whom they asserted was the rightful victor in the election.

“We need a change of government. Ombugadu, our son, won the election, and we demand that his mandate be reinstated,” voiced a participant passionately.

The sun Reports that the appeal was poignant and heartfelt, with the women fervently hoping that their plea for justice would be heeded, transforming their despair into a glimmer of hope as they looked towards the Supreme Court for recourse.


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