Sinoma Nigeria Limited Hosts Cross-Cultural Festival to Celebrate Chinese and Nigerian Traditions

Sinoma Nigeria Limited, a renowned global leader in building materials, recently organized a special event that brought together the diverse cultures of Nigeria and China. The event, titled “Celebrating Our Nigerian and Chinese Heritage,” took place on August 9th at the Sinoma headquarters in Katampe Extension, Abuja. The primary objective of this event was to foster cultural exchange and strengthen the ties between Nigeria and China.

During the event, Mr. Jakie Dai, the Executive Deputy Managing Director of Sinoma Nigeria Limited, highlighted the significance of the occasion. He expressed that the open day was designed to boost staff morale and provide a unique opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural aspects of Nigeria. He further mentioned that the event marked a step towards breaking new ground in Nigeria.

Mr. Dai also highlighted the core areas of Sinoma’s operations, including EPC, Procurement, Construction, and Engineering. He noted that Sinoma is a key player in the cement industry and is involved in partnerships with prominent Nigerian companies like BUA Group, GIGA, and Lafarge Groups.

He went on to emphasize the company’s commitment to Nigeria’s growth and development. Mr. Dai recognized Nigeria as a fertile ground for business and investment due to its large market and friendly people. Sinoma, he assured, is dedicated to contributing to Nigeria’s technological progress, akin to what China and other advanced countries have achieved.

Regarding the company’s workforce, Mr. Dai shared that Sinoma values its staff and has invested significantly in enhancing their skills and knowledge. The company employs around 1,200 Chinese staff members and an impressive 30,000 Nigerian staff members. Out of the Nigerian staff, 5,000 are direct employees. The company operates multiple branches across Nigeria, including in Abuja, Katampe Extension, Kuje, Sokoto, Ogun States, and more.

In conclusion, Mr. Dai reaffirmed Sinoma’s commitment to continued growth and development in Nigeria. He pledged to create more job opportunities, provide technical training, and contribute to Nigeria’s technological advancement. The event was graced by other prominent individuals from Sinoma Nigeria Limited, including Han Ti Chao, Assistant Managing Director, Chi Fei Hu, and Chris Loni, along with staff members such as Marketing Manager Wu Shuang, Mrs. Obiageri C. Henshaw, and Daniel Mejabi.


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